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Perlick Flow Control: The Fix-All Faucet

Are you experiencing problems with your pour? Want to get just the right amount of head on your beer? Use the Perlick Flow Control Faucet. This Perlick stainless-steel beer faucet is extremely useful for any beer enthusiast, including homebrewers and anyone pouring beer at a home or commercial bar.For our bar at KegWorks, we would choose nothing else.

A close-up view of the Perlick 650SS Flow Control

How can adjusting a flow control faucet fix pour problems?

While all draft beer faucets may seem to be essentially the same, it's important to note that they each have major differences. Consult our "Guide to Draft Beer Faucets" to note these characteristics before choosing the right one for you. The flow control faucet gives you complete control over how your beer is poured. With flow control faucets, you can adjust it towards you to reduce the speed of the beer being poured, or away from you to increase the pour speed. This does not affect the PSI levels of the beer. For foamy beer, you can reduce the speed of the pour to put an end to foamy pours. When you want to increase the “head” on a beer, you can adjust the lever away from you near the end of your pour to speed it up and produce some foam at the top of your glass.

Other reasons to use a Perlick stainless-steel beer faucet

With all food-grade 304 stainless-steel contact, these Perlick Flow Control faucets ensure that they will last for many years, and that no unwanted chemicals will be touching your beer. Chrome-plated brass faucets can corrode over time, affecting the taste and quality of your beer. Stainless-steel is also a must for wine, cocktail, or coffee dispensing due to the acidity in these beverages causing corrosion to occur even faster.

Perlick beer faucets are different than standard faucets, as they feature a forward sealing design. This minimizes oxygen exposure in your faucet, creating a more hygienic pour with less chance of microbial (bacterial) growth.

How does a Perlick Flow Control faucet work?

Simple to use, the Perlick 650SS and Perlick 690SS can be attached to any standard North American draft beer tower that is pouring out using CO2 carbonation. These Perlick taps regulate restriction from the keg. The adjustable beer tap makes them ideal for lively homebrews, small samples, and high carbonation beers.

Step 1: When pouring the first beer from a new keg, start with the flow control lever closed, or all the way forward toward faucet.

Step 2: Open, or adjust the lever upwards, until you reach the desired pour speed for your beer.

Step 3: Once you’ve achieved the perfect amount of head without excess foam, leave the flow control lever as is for great pours for the remainder of the keg.

A quality beer tap faucet is a hallmark of a long-lasting home or commercial draft beer system. With regular beer line cleaning, utilizing stainless-steel components instead of chrome-plated brass will mean the taste and quality of your beer is less likely to be affected. The adjustable flow control valve makes the Perlick a necessary solution for many draft systems experiencing imperfect pours. If you're looking to outfit your draft beer tower with top-of-the-line components, KegWorks offers both the Perlick 650SS and 690SS models. The Perlick 690SS also allows you to push the tap lever backwards to top each beer off with the perfect amount of creamy foam head. Cheers to perfect pours!

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