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Parts of a Standard Beer Faucet - A Handy Diagram

Draft beer faucets look pretty straightforward, and in many ways they are. But they are also made up of a slew of smaller parts, and each one is essential to the assembly’s proper function. Over time, these smaller parts wear and tear, which can lead to leaks and other malfunctions. When this happens, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of how the parts of your faucet fit together so you can replace them easily. With a little know-how, you can also refurbish an old beer faucet or build one from scratch. That’s where a beer faucet diagram comes in handy.

Standard, Rear-Closing Beer Faucets

The most common type of beer faucet is the standard, rear-closing faucet. With this type of faucet, you actuate beer dispensing by pulling on a tap handle. That movement activates a lever that pushes open an internal valve, allowing beer to flow through the faucet body to a waiting glass.

parts of a beer faucet
The Standard Faucet, Dissected

  1. Faucet Knob: The tapered black handle that connects to and controls the lever. It’s the part you pull forward to initiate beer dispensing. It can be replaced with a branded, novelty, or custom handle.
  2. Lever Collar: A small piece of metal hardware that holds the faucet lever assembly secure. It also helps align a branded tap marker so that it is forward facing and visible to users and consumers.
  3. Lever Bonnet: When paired with a friction washer, it creates the friction necessary to open and close the beer faucet.
  4. Friction Washer: This friction created by this small but significant faucet part prevents the lever from sliding loosely during use.
  5. Ball Washer: It’s the first piece that goes onto the faucet lever, where it seals the faucet to prevent spray. If the ball washer looks dingy, dirty, or moldy, it’s a sign of infection.
  6. Lever: The metal piece that controls the opening and closing of the internal valve that controls the flow of beer through the faucet body. When you pull the lever forward by way of the tap handle, it pushes the shaft backwards, which opens the valve. Levers are threaded to attach to the faucet knob/tap handle.
  7. Faucet Body: The largest single component of your beer faucet, it directs the flow of beer through the spout to your waiting glass.Faucets come in different finishes. We recommend stainless steel to ensure off, metallic flavors don’t taint your beer.
  8. Coupling Washer: Seats the faucet to the beer shank for a leak-free connection.
  9. Shaft: Connected to the lever, it is pushed forward or pulled back to control the flow of fluid.
  10. Shaft Seat/Seating Washer: Seals the valve to stop the flow of beer. As it wears with age, you may experience a small, slow leak.
  11. Shaft Nut: The metal fastener that secures the shaft seat to the shaft.
  12. Faucet Shaft Assembly: The term for the shaft, seat, and nut when referencing it as one unit.

Have Questions?

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