20 Best Gift Ideas For Drinkers from KegWorks

Find some fantastic gift ideas for any type of drinker with this handy guide.

gift ideas for drinkers

It’s that time of year again when we rack our brains trying to come up with the perfect gift for those near and dear to us. Thankfully many of the people on your and our gift lists (over the age of 21) probably have one thing in common, they like to enjoy a good drink. So, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you get those names checked off, and you can get back to enjoying some holiday spirits of your own. 

Top Picks

Sidebar liquor dispenser

SIDEBAR Electric Liquor & Beverage Dispenser System

The Sidebar is the ultimate gift for anyone with a home bar, boat, or RV or who enjoys having their favorite spirits available at the push of a button. Just install the SIDEBAR, and you can have up to five liquids set up for on-demand pouring. We love it so much that we installed one right next to the bar in our office!



Instead of giving someone the ability to pour booze with a push of a button, how about being able to pour cold, delicious draft beer with just the pull of a tap handle? Kegerators are ideal for anyone that loves a refreshing beer, from craft brews to American light lagers to imports from around the world. You can even get one for someone that doesn’t like beer. KegWorks carries units for pouring kegged wine, batch cocktails, kombucha, and even coffee on tap! Check out our Kegerator Buying Guide for more information.

cocktail smoking box

Crafthouse by Fortessa Smoking Box Set

This is a unique gift idea that will really wow them if they’re into cocktails or whiskey or they’re the home bar owner that has everything. Now they can smoke drinks at home with this easy-to-use cocktail smoking box designed by world-famous bartender Charles Joly.

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Gifts for Craft Beer Enthusiasts

rastal teku glasses

Rastal Teku Stemmed Beer Glasses

This may be the perfect beer glass. Don’t believe us? Just go ask everyone on the internet. From the New York Times to to Bon Appetit, everyone loves the Rastal Teku stemmed beer glass for its beautiful design that really amplifies any beer-drinking experience. No matter the beer style that the person you’re getting this for likes, they will love it even more in a Teku.

lukr draft side pull faucet

Lukr Side Pull Draft Faucets

This is an excellent option for someone with a kegerator or keezer in their home. Lukr faucets are becoming very popular in craft beer bars across the country. These unique faucets from the Czech Republic don’t just flip on and off like a traditional faucet, the side pull handle is more like a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the flow to craft a mixture of beer and foam to fill your glass with just like they do in Europe. Check out our Guide to Side Pull Faucets for more.

spiegelau craft beer glasses

Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit

A perfect gift set for any beer lover, this set of three premium craft beer glasses really covers the bases for enjoying a variety of beer styles. All of the glasses in this set were created in part by leading craft brewers to create beer drinkware that enhances the characteristics of your brew.

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Gifts for Whiskey Lovers


Nude Glass Malt Whiskey Serving Set

Premium glassware manufacturer Nude Glass and award-winning furniture designer Mikko Laakkonen crafted this modern whiskey serving set. It features a serving bottle, a pair of footed lowball glasses, and a wooden tray to hold the collection. Both the bottle and glasses are made from clear, non-leaded crystal.

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

Any good whiskey aficionado knows that too much water from melted ice can dilute a perfectly good dram of their favorite spirit. With these silicone ice molds, you can create 2.5” ice spheres that will melt slower than your standard ice cube, and it looks really cool (no pun intended) sitting in your glass.

Glencairn Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Glasses

Made in Europe using high-quality glass, this set of single malt scotch whiskey glasses comes with six 6.75 oz glasses. The bowl is wide to give you a fuller appreciation of the whiskey’s color, and the solid base is easy on the hand. The inwardly curved glass and tapered mouth allow the aroma of the whisky to enhance the tasting experience.

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Gifts for Cocktail Enthusiasts

travel bar

Portable Three Bottle Travel Bar Set with Serving Tray - 8 Pieces

Your favorite cocktail connoisseurs can take a trio of their favorite spirits anywhere with this handsome and handy traveling case. It also holds two martini glasses, a pair of speed pourers, a double-sided 1.5 oz jigger, a bottle opener, and a serving tray to prepare drinks for two. The inside of the portable bar case has a suede interior plus straps to hold everything in place. A combination lock keeps unwanted or underage guests from getting inside.

cocktail infusion kits

Spirit & Cocktail Infusion Kits 

Instead of just gifting someone a bottle of booze, why not get them something to add fun flavors to their preferred type of liquor? We’ve added a variety of infusion kits from Aged & Infused and Craft Cocktail Infusions that range from classic cocktail combinations to modern mixes of ingredients. Just fill the jars with your liquid and let it sit the required amount of time, and you’ll have yourself a fully flavored spirit to create new spins on any cocktail recipe.

essential bar tool set

Shaken & Stirred Essential Cocktail Set 

This gift set is a well-rounded collection of quality bar tools that’s perfect for someone that is getting into bartending or a veteran mixologist looking to refresh or upgrade their tools of the trade. The 7-piece bartending gift set comes with a cocktail shaking tins, mixing glass, double-sided jigger, muddler, Hawthorne strainer, and a bar spoon.

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Gifts for Tiki Fans

tiki bar tool set

Urban Bar Tiki Pattern Mixing Glass & Bar Tool Set

Speaking of sets of bar tools, this collection from Urban Bar is a tiki cocktail lover’s dream. All four pieces in this very popular set are adorned with an eye-catching array of etched tiki graphics, including a cocktail mixing glass, strainer, bar spoon, and double-sided jigger. We also carry a matching cocktail shaker tin set, highball glasses, and Old Fashioned glasses.

tiki mugs

Tiki Mugs (duh!)

Any tiki fan can use a new tiki mug or two for the holidays! KegWorks has a huge selection of mugs to choose from, whether it’s classic ceramic mugs shaped like tiki icons and animals or highly detailed glass tumblers that let you show off the color of whichever tropical cocktail you fill it with.

bg reynolds tiki cocktail syrups

BG Reynolds Tiki Cocktail Syrups

When someone makes those tropical drinks to fill their tiki mugs with, make sure they have quality ingredients on hand by gifting them cocktail syrups from BG Reynolds. The folks at BG Reynolds are huge lovers of tiki drinks and craft their syrups using locally-sourced ingredients to take anyone’s tiki cocktails to the next level.

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Gifts for Wine Lovers

mulled wine pitcher

Sagaform Mulled Wine Glass Pitcher with Warmer Stand

Those who enjoy a nice glass of warm mulled wine to keep away the winter’s chill will enjoy this charming pitcher. It holds 1.3 liters and features a pour spout and handle for easy serving and a wide, flat bottom. Also included is an Art Deco-inspired, silver-colored warmer stand that elevates the pitcher so a tea light candle can slide underneath to keep the pitcher's contents properly warmed.

wine porron

Hand-Blown Glass Spanish Porron Wine Pitcher

The porron is a fine vessel for storing and serving wine, but what makes it a great gift is when someone tries to drink wine from it. The idea is to pour a thin stream of wine into your mouth with your arm extended as far as possible. It makes for a fun activity during any holiday party as people try to drink from the porron without making a mess.

leather bota bag wine skin

Leather Bota Bag - Spanish Wine Skin - 1 Liter

If you’d like to give someone a fun tool for drinking wine, but need something a little more durable than a glass pitcher, then how about a leather bota bag? You can fill it with any liquid for easy, on-the-go drinking. Just pour the stream from the plastic nozzle into your mouth to keep yourself hydrated. It comes with a shoulder strap so that it can be taken just about anywhere.

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Fun Gifts

shot dispensing bottle

Shot Caller - Portable Multi Shot Dispensing Bottle

This is the ultimate tool for pouring shots without worrying about spilled and wasted liquor. The shot caller has a patented spring-loaded tip that doesn't allow liquor to pour until you press the tip down inside the glass, and the liquid stops flowing as soon as you release it. This allows for fast and easy one-handed pouring. It’s a fun idea for someone that likes to host parties or is that one friend or family member that always calls for shots at get-togethers.

santa claus whizzer

Santa Claus Whizzer Liquor Dispenser

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s doing what?!?!? Whoever unwraps this will find it hard not to laugh or smile. Just press the button, and their liquor of choice is dispensed from the nozzle located in the midsection of Saint Nicholas. It holds 16 ounces, perfect for filling glasses or pouring shots. It’s the ideal White Elephant gift.

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If you’re still looking for something for that hard-to-buy-for person or you need a last-minute gift to give, then pick up a KegWorks gift card! Our eGift cards arrive right in their inbox, so they can select a kick-ass tool for drinking from our vast inventory.

Dave Buchanan

Dave Buchanan

Dave Buchanan has been the Content Writer for KegWorks since June 2019. He has a fondness for craft beer that developed while working for a local beer distributor. Dave also worked for an area sports talk radio station for several years, and continues his broadcasting work as a motorsports announcer and indoor lacrosse reporter.

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