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The Beer Snob

We all have one of these in our life, and we may even be one of them. Who doesn’t love trying out new craft beers and checking out breweries?

Featured Gift: Rastal Teku Glass Set of 2

Beer is a dish best served cold, and in a Rastal Teku glass. These German-made beer glasses were designed by an Italian brewer, Teo Musso, and a well-known Italian sensory analyst and beer expert who goes by the nickname Kuaska. That’s a whole lot of European genius packed into one glass! Well, with all this expertise, you shouldn’t be surprised that these are world-renowned as THE top tasting glasses in existence. Any fan of beer will appreciate how much these crystal glasses highlight the taste of their best brews.

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Two friends drink beers out of Teku glasses Teku Beer Glasses

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The Wino

It seems like every time you see this person, they crack open a bottle of wine. By the time that bottle’s gone, they’ve told you way more than you needed to know about their personal life, or their annoying co-worker. Luckily, there were enough laughs (and wine) along the way to keep you coming to see them.

Featured Gift: The Spanish Porron

The porron is used as its own drinking game in Spain, where the goal is to extend the pitcher out as far as possible without spilling it all over yourself. A great way to display your faves and a party game all rolled into one? Sounds like the perfect gift for that happy-go-lucky wine lover. Add even more fun to the party with Prosecco Pong!

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Two Spanish Porrones filled with red and white wines
Spanish Porron

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The Whiskey Connoisseur

Whether it’s whiskey, scotch, or bourbon, this person has it in spades behind their bar. They can tell you just about everything you would ever want to know about each of them too.

Featured Gifts: Bormioli Rocco Decanter and Urban Bar Tasting Glasses

A whiskey decanter is a way to aerate your favorite spirits, helping to bring out their flavors and aromas. They also look really cool, and classy. Between the simple, stylish decanter and whiskey glasses, liquor will be treated with the respect a whiskey aficionado demands.

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The Bormioli Rocco Decanter displaying whiskey Bormioli Rocco Whiskey Decanter

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The Man-Cave Maverick

This guy is asking you to come by for beers in his man cave every weekend, and you can’t really blame him. Filled with beer of all kinds, maybe even a kegerator, and all the amenities needed, the man cave is a mecca of freedom from the chains of real life.

Featured Gift: Metal Bar Signs Kit

These signs were made for a man cave, and encompass the attitude that its inhabitants often adopt. Chores, family annoyances, and day-to-day dramatics be damned...We’re Drinking! With our popular hangover cures sign included, some useful knowledge can be picked up along the way. If your friend is a kegerator owner in need of a great beer tap handle, check out this Railroad Spike tap!

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Three bar signs from KegWorks that are sold together Group of 3 Bar Signs

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The Party Host

Whether it’s the matriarch of your family or your most put-together friend, the holidays aren’t complete without a gracious host willing to deal with the BS and organization brought on by a group of people congregating at their house. This person deserves your respect, and a great gift.

Featured Gift: At-Home Drinking Book Set

Hosting friends and/or family requires a lot of preparation. Make sure the home bartender in your life has a variety of choices at their fingertips for what cocktail recipes they can serve up. This gift benefits you as well, as you can whet your whistle with some deliciously-planned out drink recipes created by bartending experts.

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Three KegWorks cocktail recipes sold together Set of 3 Cocktail Books

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The Fanatical Sports Fan/Tailgater

Being located in Buffalo, KegWorks holds a serious amount of pride for our Bills. For those of you who don’t follow Buffalo sports like we do, the Bills are bad. To make it worse, the NFL punished our team and taxpayers for not ponying up for an expensive dome stadium by giving us the gift of three December home games.

Featured Gift: The Beer Mitt Koozie Glove

I, for one, will not subject myself to bad football in freezing temperatures, but I know of some die-hards who will be there if only to continue their streak of home games attended so that they can rub it in people’s faces during any discussion about love of the team. For those people, I will find it easy to buy them the gift of warm hands when holding a cold beer.

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The Beer Mitt, a way to keep your hands warm and your beer cold The Beer Mitt Koozie Glove

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The Aspiring Mixologist

Whether they’re mixing up a cocktail recipe they found on the KegWorks blog (a wise move), or they prefer developing their own, this person is spending countless hours behind their bar, and not just drinking. They should be rewarded for their efforts.

Featured Gift: Scrappy's Cocktail Bitters Set

With a set of four Scrappy’s unique bitters recipes, this set is ideal for the bartender who likes to experiment. This set comes with the classic aromatic bitters, Orleans-style bitters with notes of anise, celery bitters for those looking to mix up some Broken Garden Tools, and orange bitters to add some bright citrus to any cocktail.

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A set of Scrappy's cocktail bitters Scrappy's Original Sample Kit

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The Environmentally Conscious

Ok, we should all be this person, but some truly adopt it as their way of life. This person is always composting, going for reusable everything, and really trying to make a difference. That makes them worthy of a thank you, and a good way to thank them is to give them a gift to help them further their noble cause.

Featured Gift: Rainbow Drinking Straws

For those who are looking to heal the world, and who want to make it a better place for you and for me, we have rainbow drinking straws. Let’s face it, reusable straws need to become a staple of bars as we move forward into the future. Give the bleeding heart in your life this environmentally-friendly straw that doubles as a really stylish drink adornment. It changes colors in different light!

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This rainbow drinking straw changes color in different light Reusable Rainbow Drinking Straws

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There you have it folks, gifts for just about everybody on your list. We also have greeting cards to match! If these gifts appealed to you, here’s a pro tip: sign up for a KegWorks account and add them to your wishlist. You can share it with friends and family to avoid any risk of getting those gifts that you have to pretend to be excited for as you ask for the receipt *just in case*. Check out all of our Perfect Presents below. Cheers!


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