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Drunken Garnish Delight

Today marks the very last day of World Cocktail Week, and what impeccable timing we have, adding three new cocktail garnishes to our arsenal just yesterday. Not just any cocktail garnishes, mind you, but drunken ones.

Fruit and such has long been a great addition to your favorite mixed drinks, adding color, flavor and flair. Fresh garnishes are most often the way to go, but that's not the only route. Perhaps next time you're mixing up a Manhattan, you might try adding a Whiskey Tipsy Cherry instead. Each gigantic, liquor-soaked, long-stemmed cherry bursts with fresh fruit flavor and malt whiskey. Even try muddling these with orange for an incredible Old Fashioned with an extra boost of whiskey.

Liquor Soaked Cherries, Olives and Onions for Cocktails

If dirty is more your style, our Vermouth Tipsy Olives are a perfect solution. I don't know about you, but I find that, oftentimes, bartenders bruise the alcohol in my mixed drinks by adding far too much vermouth (Tip: just a swirl of vermouth will do - you should even toss it out after it's coated the glass... please, please stop overusing vermouth... PLEASE!). With these French vermouth-soaked, pimento paste stuffed olives, there is no need to add any extra vermouth to your cocktail - it would just be supreme overkill.

Finally, in celebration of the last day of World Cocktail Week, a nod to another cocktail classic, the Gibson Martini, originally created in the late 1800's. This martini is exactly the same as the original gin martini, except a pickled cocktail onion is used as a garnish instead. Of course, you couldn't choose a better cocktail onion than our Vermouth Tipsy Onions, which add the vermouth kick for you (unless you prefer a ton of vermouth, which I don't).

Gibson Martini
2½ oz gin
½ oz vermouth (or less, depending on your taste)
1-3 cocktail onions for garnish

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with the cocktail onion(s) and enjoy.

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