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Keg Coupler List: Picking the Right Coupler for Your Favorite Beer

keg coupler list
A keg coupler is a key element of any draft beer system. It's a small but vital piece of equipment that connects the gas and beer lines to your keg. Pressurized gas (either CO2 or nitrogen depending on the type of beer being dispensed) flows into the side of the keg coupler through an air line and the beer flows out through a beer line attached to the top. Check out our guide for more information on how a keg coupler works or to troubleshoot common keg coupler problems.

Even though all keg couplers are similar in appearance and function, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right style for the keg you want to tap. Use the chart below to determine which keg coupler type corresponds with your favorite beer. Can't find the beer you're looking for? Ask your local distributor which coupler you should use!

  • A Style Keg Coupler
  • D Style Keg Coupler
  • G Style Keg Coupler
  • M Style Keg Coupler
  • S Style Keg Coupler
  • U Style Keg Coupler
Keg Coupler Quick Reference Chart
Beer Brand Coupler Type
Abbot Ale G
Abby White U
Abita Amber D
Abita Golden D
Abita Light D
Abita Purple Haze D
Abita Turbodog D
ACME Brown Ale D
ACME Pale Ale D
Alaskan Amber D
Alaskan ESB D
Alaskan Pale Ale D
Alaskan Smoked Porter D
Alaskan Stout D
Alaskan Winter Ale D
Alexander Keith D
Allagash Curieux D
Allagash Dubbel D
Allagash Four D
Allagash Grand Cru D
Allagash Musette D
Allagash Tripel D
Allagash Victoria Ale D
Allagash White D
Amstel S
Amstel Light S
Anchor Liberty Ale G
Anchor Porter G
Anchor Steam G
Anderson Valley Belks Bitter D
Anderson Valley Boont Amber D
Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA D
Anderson Valley Poleeko Gold D
Asahi S
Aventinus Eisbock M
Avery Hog Heaven D
Avery IPA D
Avery IPA Cask D
Avery Karma Ale D
Avery Maharaja D
Avery Old Jubilation D
Avery Reverend D
Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel A
Ayinger Bräu-Hell A
Ayinger Bräu-Weisse A
Ayinger Celebrator A
Ayinger Frühlingsbier (Springtime Beer) A
Ayinger Jahrhundert-Bier A
Ayinger Kirta-Halbe (Pint of Country Fair) A
Ayinger Liebhard's Kellerbier A
Ayinger Premium-Pils A
Ayinger Ur-Weisse (Traditional Wheat) A
Ayinger Winter-Bock (Winter “Buck”Beer) A
Bad Frog - BAD Light D
Bad Frog Golden- Amber Lager D
Bad Frog Micro-Malt D
Bass Pale Ale D
Bavik Pilsner A
Bay Hawk Chocolate Porter D
BayHawk Amber Ale D
BayHawk California Pale Ale (CPA) D
BayHawk Hefeweizen D
BayHawk Honey Blonde D
BayHawk OC Lager D
BBC Long Beach Crude D
BBC Marathon D
BBC Strawberry Blonde D
BBC Top Sail D
Beck's D
Beck's Dark D
Beck's Premier Light D
Belhaven 80 Shilling S
Belhaven Best S
Belhaven Best Extra Cold S
Belhaven St. Andrews Ale S
Belle-Vue S
Bemish D
Binchoise Reserve S
Bitburger Pilsner A
Black Dog D
Blackthorne Cider G
Blanche de Chambly D
Blue Moon D
Boddingtons Pub Ale G
Breckenridge D
Brooklyn Brown Ale D
Brooklyn East India Pale Ale D
Brooklyn Lager D
Brooklyn Pennant Ale 55 D
Brooklyn Pilsner D
Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale D
Brooklyn Weisse D
Bruin Pale Ale D
Bud Dry D
Bud Ice D
Bud Ice Light D
Bud Light D
Budweiser D
Budweiser Select D
Bull Falls D
Busch D
Caffrey's G
California Cider Ace Pear G
Cantillon Rose (Belgium) S
Caracole Nostradamus D
Carlsberg A
Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) D
Castle Maine D
Caybrew D
Caylight D
Celis D
Chimay A
Cider Jack D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Below Deck D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Loose Cannon D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Peg Leg Stout D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Winter Storm D
Clipper City Phillip Amber Ale D
Columbia Brewing D
Coors D
Coors Light D
Corona D
Corsendonk Brown S
Corsendonk Christmas Ale S
Corsendonk Pale S
Custom Brewcrafters D
Cuvee Meilleurs Voeux A
De Dolle Arabier A
De Dolle Special Extra Export Stout A
De Dolle Stille Nacht A
De Dolle Teve A
De Koninck Ale (Belgium) S
Delirium Nocturnum S
Delirium Noel S
Delirium Tremens (Belgium) D
Des Rocs Grand Cru D
Deschutes Black Butte D
Devil Mountain D
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA D
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA D
Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale D
Dortmunder Union S
Dos Equis Amber D
Dos Equis Lager D
Double Diamond S
Dry Blackthorn G
Duchesse de Bourgogne D
El River Brewing D
Einbecker M
Ellicottville D
Erdinger Hefetrub Weisse S
Estrella Damm S
Eurobrew Hobgoblin Draft D
Eurobrew Monty Python Draft D
Fat Tire D
Firehouse D
Firestone Double Barrel Ale D
Firestone Lager D
Firestone Pale Ale D
Firestone Walker's Ale D
Fischer A
Flying Dog D
Foret Org Sais Ale D
Foster's D
Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse A
Full Sail Amber Ale D
Full Sail Pale Ale D
Fuller's ESB G
Fuller's London Pride G
Genesee D
George Killian's Irish Red D
Goose Island D
Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen D
Gordon Biersch Marzen D
Gouden S
Grant's D
Great Divide D
Green Line Pale Ale D
Green Mountain Cidery D
Grimbergen Dubbel A
Grolsch G
Guinness Stout U
Hacker-Pschorr Weisse A
Hahn S
Hamms D
Hard Core Cider D
Harp U
Harpoon D
Heineken S
Henry Weinhard's D
High Falls D
Highland D
Hoegaarden White A
Hofbrau S
Holy Cow Red D
Hornsby's D
Houblon Chouffe IPA Tripel A
Hudson Valley D
Humboldt Hemp Ale D
Humboldt IPA D
Humboldt Pale Ale D
Humboldt Red Nectar Ale D
Ice House D
Innis and Gunn G
Iron Shore Bock D
Isenbeck A
J.G. Ale D
John Courage S
JW Lee's Chouffe A
Kasteel Biere du Chat Brown S
Kilkenny U
Killarneyv D
Killian's Irish Red D
Kirin Ichiban D
Kokaneev D
Krombacher A
Kronenbourg 1664 A
La Chouffe A
La Gnomette A
Labatt Blue D
Lagunitas D
Land Shark Lager D
Lands Ends Amber (Kannah Creek Brewing Co.) D
Leffe S
Left Hand D
Leinenkugel D
Lindeman's Framboise S
Lindeman's Peche S
Lion Nathan S
Little Kings D
Lost Coast Alleycat Amber D
Lost Coast Apricot Wheat D
Lost Coast Downtown Brown D
Lost Coast Great White D
Lost Coast Raspberry Brown D
Löwenbräu Original Lager A
Mad River Jamalca Red Ale D
Mad River Steelhead Pale D
Magners U
Maredsous Abbey Ale (Belgium) S
Marston's Pedigree S
Maudite D
McChouffe A
McEwan's S
Miami Trail Brewing D
Michael Shea's D
Michelob D
Michelob Amber Bock D
Michelob Light D
Michelob Speciality D
Michelob Ultra D
Mickey's D
Middle Ages D
Miller D
Miller Genuine Draft D
Miller Lite D
Milwaukee's Best D
Modelo D
Molson Canadian D
Monk's Sour Ale S
Moosehead D
Moretti Italian Pilsner S
Murphy's Irish Red S
Murphy's Irish Stout S
N'Ice Chouffe A
Natural Ice D
Natural Light D
New Amsterdam D
New Glarus D
New Zeland Steinlager D
Newcastle S
Nor'Wester D
North Coast D
O'Doul's D
Old Dominion D
Old Milwaukee D
Old Speckeled Hen G
Old Vienna D
Oskar Blues D
Pabst Blue Ribbon D
Pacifico D
Palm A
Paulaner Hefeweizen A
Paulaner Lager A
Paulaner Pilsner A
Paulaner Salvator A
Peroni D
Pete's Seasonals D
Pete's Wicked Ale D
Pilsner Urquell S
Piraat Ale S
Porter & Summerfest D
Portland Mactarnahan's Amber D
Portland Oregon Honey D
Presidente S
Pyramid Hefeweizen D
Pyramid Seasonal D
Razors Edge D
Red Ale D
Red Dog D
Red Hook Blonde D
Red Hook ESB D
Red Hook IPA D
Red Hook Seasonal D
Red Wolf D
Rouge G
Rogue Dead Guy Ale D
Rogue Hazelnut Brown D
Rogue Red D
Rouge-Mogal D
Rolling Rock D
Saint Bernardus D
Saint Feuillein Cuvee de Noel S
Saint Pauli Girl S
Sais Dup Farmhouse Ale D
Sam Adams Boston Lager D
Sam Adams Seasonal D
Sapporo D
Saranac D
Saxer Brewing D
Scaldis Belgian Ale D
Scaldis Noel D
Schmitt's D
Schneider M
Scottish & Newcastle S
Scottish Tennents G
Shiner Bock D
Ship Inn D
Shipyard D
Shmaltz Brewing Hebrew Lenny's R.I.P. A
Shmaltz Brewing Hebrew Messiah Bold D
Shock Top D
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale D
Sierra Nevada Seasonal D
Sir Perry William's G
Sleemans D
Smithwicks Ale U
Southpaw D
Spanish Peaks Black Dog D
Spaten Lager A
Spaten Oktoberfest A
Spaten Optimator A
Spaten Pils A
Standing Wave Pale Ale (Kannah Creek Brewing Co.) D
St. Pauli Girl S
Staropramen A
Starr Hill Brewery D
Steigl Salzburger S
Steinlager D
Stella Artois - 50 liter / Half Barrel S
Stella Artois - 20 liter / Sixth Barrel D
Strohs D
Strongbow Cider S
Tecate D
Tennent's G
Terrapin D
Tetley's S
Thomas Kemper D
Tommyknocker Ornery Amber D
Tooheys S
Trois Pistoles D
Tucher S
Twisted X D
Unibroue D
Urthel S
Val Dieu Grand Cru D
Van Steenberge S
Veltins M
Victoria D
Victoria Bitter A
Victory D
Warsteiner Dunkel A
Warsteiner Pils A
Wasatch D
Watney's G
Weihenstephan A
Weinhard's D
Wexford Irish Cream Ale G
Whitbread Ale D
White Tip D
Widmer Hefeweizen D
Widmer Seasonal D
Windhoek Draught S
Woodchuck Dark & Dry Cider D
Woodpecker Cider S
Wyder's Apple Cider D
Wyder's Peach Cider D
Wyder's Pear Cider D
Wyder's Raspberry Cider D
Young's S
Young's Chocolate Stout S
Young's Oatmeal Stout S
Young's Ram Rod Bitter S
Young's Special London Ale S
Yuengling D
Zebra D
Zuma D
Zywiec M


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