Bar Foot Rails

Designing the Perfect Commercial Bar Rail Project

When it comes to commercial bar design and creating an ideal experience for patrons, adding bar foot rail provides comfort for those sitting or standing at the bar while enhancing the bar area’s visual appeal. If you’re designing a new bar build or planning a remodel, know that you have plenty of options for bar rail to achieve the look you want. KegWorks has a number of off-the-shelf and custom solutions to give you a quality bar rail that complements the rest of your space.

commercial bar design ideas

1. Custom Radius

custom radius bar rail

For bar areas with curved designs, KegWorks can create a custom bar rail that matches the contours and shape of your layout. Our industry-leading team of fabricators can precisely roll stainless steel or brass tubing whether the bar has a simple curved design or a more unique shape. We accomplish this by getting the radius of the bar from a technical drawing or by using a life-sized template of the bar’s shape.

2. Select a phenomenal finish

custom finishes for architectural metal

KegWorks has assembled an industry-leading collection of in-stock and on-demand finishes for bar rail tubing and components. We have classic looks, such as brass and stainless steel, available with either a polished or brushed finish, plus a variety of powder-coated and electroplated finishes, including Matte Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Sunset Copper. Check out our Bar Rail Finish Guide for more on our stocked finish selection.

To help protect your investment. KegWorks offers a clearcoat application as a special order option for all bar rail products to lock in the look of your finish. This helps to prevent steel from rusting or brass from developing a patina and can minimize surface scratches.

3. Get a custom finish

custom finished bar foot rail

If the selections in our catalog of finishes don’t suit your needs, we can apply a custom powder coated or electroplated finish for your bar rail. The source for your unique finish can be selected from a standard Pantone color, or we can match your finish from a color swatch or other material.

4. Custom brackets

custom brackets for bar rail

While KegWorks carries a wide selection of bar rail brackets for mounting your tubing, having custom-made brackets can add an extra layer of style to your project or help address any installation needs you may have. Custom brackets are an option if you need to install your bar rail higher than usual or farther away from the bar. Just bring us a technical drawing of your bracket design, and KegWorks can have them constructed and finished to match. 

5. Matching drink rail & drip trays

custom radius drink rail with drip tray

On top of bar rail, KegWorks is a leading supplier of additional architectural metal products for the hospitality industry. We are also proud to offer drink rail and drip trays to create a space for pouring and mixing drinks while protecting the bar top. We carry drink rail in four profiles as well as scupper rail to fit your bar’s design along with drip trays that can be easily inserted.

These products are created from sturdy stainless steel and can even be finished to match the finish of your bar rail or other bar accents, or our Double Hem drink rail can used for custom radius bends to match any bar layout. Drip trays can be ordered with a custom drainage pattern or with laser-cut logos to make any bar area truly unique.

Let KegWorks be your one-stop shop for bar rail and other architectural metal products for the hospitality industry, including bars, restaurants, and breweries. Contact KegWorks today to begin a conversation about your next project.

Dave Buchanan

Dave Buchanan

Dave Buchanan has been the Content Writer for KegWorks since June 2019. He has a fondness for craft beer that developed while working for a local beer distributor. Dave also worked for an area sports talk radio station for several years, and continues his broadcasting work as a motorsports announcer and indoor lacrosse reporter.

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