Bar Foot Rails

Guide To Buying & Installing Drink Rail

Let’s help you get familiar with bar drink rail and what you need to install it behind your bar.

bar drink rail

A smart solution for home and commercial bars looking to create an area for pouring and preparing drinks while protecting their bar top is installing a run of drink rail. Our stainless steel bar drink rail easily installs to any type of surface to create a durable, easy-to-clean channel perfect for pouring beers or mixing cocktails.

Drink rail profiles

The first step you need to take before ordering drink rail is to decide which profile best fits your bar. KegWorks offers four different styles of drink rail to meet your design needs.

square drink rail


rectangle drink rail


sloped drink rail


double hem drink rail


We also carry scupper rail, which doesn't have a shaped front face and can be easily inserted into any bar. Once you’ve picked your drink rail profile, you can measure how much drink rail you’ll need to cover your bar and which components you’ll need to complete your project.

Drink rail parts & components

stainless steel straight drink rail

Straight-length drink rail

These are your basic straight pieces of stainless steel drink rail. KegWorks offers them in 6’ or 8’ sections. Additional lengths are available by special order.

drink rail corner piece

Inside corner piece

These L-shaped sections connect to two pieces of straight-length drink rail at a 90-degree angle. They are perfect for completing drink rails for L or U-shaped bars.

drink rail joint connector

Joint connector

Connectors help to secure sections of drink rail together or to connect straight sections and corner pieces. Applying mildew-resistant clear silicone sealer on the seam between the two sections is recommended.

drink rail end cap

Left & right end caps

Create a finished look to the ends of your drink rail by attaching an end cap. The drink rail end cap slides easily with no adhesives or screws needed to secure it in place. It also protects anyone walking by your bar from exposed edges.

How to install drink rail

Installation of drink rail is a very simple process that does not require any tools unless you need to cut sections of drink rail to fit your bar. You will need a proper adhesive to mount the sections of drink rail and components.

Step 1. Apply adhesive to the surface where you are installing the drink rail. 

Step 2. Start by placing an inside corner piece where they are needed. (This step is optional if you're simply installing a straight run of drink rail.)

Step 3. Insert the joint connector into the end of the corner piece.

Step 4. Attach a straight run of drink rail to the opposite end of the joint connector, and then attach to the installation surface. 

Step 5. Use joint connectors to add any additional straight runs of drink rail or corner pieces until you’ve covered the length of your bar.

Step 6. Insert end caps into both ends of your drink rail. 

Step 7. Apply a mildew-resistant clear adhesive to any seams between pieces of drink rail to prevent moisture from getting underneath.

Adding drink rail will go a long way in protecting your investment in your bar and providing a professional and finished look. Contact KegWorks for more information about our drink rail systems or to place custom orders; just fill out the contact form on our site.

Dave Buchanan

Dave Buchanan

Dave Buchanan has been the Content Writer for KegWorks since June 2019. He has a fondness for craft beer that developed while working for a local beer distributor. Dave also worked for an area sports talk radio station for several years, and continues his broadcasting work as a motorsports announcer and indoor lacrosse reporter.

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