Diet Drinking?

When people diet, are they thinking carefully about what they drink? Drinking and eating are closely related. If you are eating the right foods but drink the wrong drinks, you will reduce your chances of losing weight.

When dieting, don't drink to much alcohol or sodas that are high in sugar. They contain plenty of calories and also make you feel hungry. So moderation is the order of the day. Not all alcoholic drinks contain the same ingredients and have different affects on a diet. Pure spirits are one of the best types of drinks to consume while on a diet because they contain approx 100 calories and very little in way of carbohydrates. Examples would be shots of vodka, rum, Bacardi, or gin – with no mixer added. If mixing these drinks when on a diet, make sure you use diet tonic and diet colas, etc.

Wine is ok in moderation and many people like a glass with their meal. A typical glass of red or white is both low in carbohydrates and calories. Don't go for sweet wines though; stay with dry, as they are not so fattening. Beer is full of calories and really, when dieting, drink in moderation. I know it's hard.

Here is a calorie count chart on some common drinks:

Beverage Serving Calories
Ale 12 ounces 156
Beer (Light) 12 ounces 103
Beer (Regular) 12 ounces 153
Brandy 1 jigger 100
Champagne 1 cup 200
Cola 1 cup 136
Diet Soda 1 cup 0
Eggnog 1 cup 343
Ginger Ale 12 ounces 124
Gin (100 proof) 1 jigger 82
Kahlua 1 jigger 159
Lemon-Lime Soda 12 ounces 148
Orange Juice 1 cup 105
Rum (100 proof) 1 jigger 82
Scotch 1 jigger 107
Tonic Water 12 ounces 124
Vodka (100 proof) 1 jigger 82
Whiskey (100 proof) 1 jigger 82
Wine (Red Table Wine) 5 ounces 125

Remember that a healthy lifestyle is exactly that; a lifestyle! Maybe consider taking a look at the big picture with your long-term weight loss and health goals in mind. You may find more aspects of your lifestyle that need to be altered. Not just your diet.

Another way to avoid high calorie drinks is to just avoid drinking all together. Yeah right!



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