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5 Festive Ideas For Styling Your Holiday Bar Cart

These holiday bar cart style ideas will take your festivities to the next level.

(Photo via Southern Living)

The bar cart is a party pleaser, especially at holiday time.

Originating as a ‘tea cart’ in the ultimate party pooping era, the Prohibition, the bar cart took an immediate adult turn once alcohol was legalized in the U.S. - reaching its peak popularity during the 60s and 70s.

Finding a resurgence once again, the bar cart can add a classy element to any holiday soiree - and prepping a stylish drink station for your next big holiday gathering will keep your guests happy and the drinks flowing.

As an extension of your holiday decor, your bar cart style should mirror what you’ve already got rockin’ around the Christmas tree - you know what we mean?

If you don’t already know what your ‘holiday style’ is, here are five holiday bar cart inspirations to give you some ideas.

1. Farmhouse Bar Cart Styling

Rustic, comfortable and shabby chic, a ‘farmhouse’ bar cart style will use natural elements like wood and steel - with pops of bright traditional holiday colors.

Farmhouse Holiday Bar Cart (Photo via Southern Living)

Recreate The Farmhouse Look

2. Coastal Bar Cart Styling

Love of ocean hues and natural elements, a ‘coastal’ bar style will make you feel like you’re on a holiday in the sun - cocktail in hand.

Coastal Holiday Bar Cart (Photo via Inspired by Charm)

Recreate The Coastal Look

3. Traditional Bar Cart Styling

Bust out your plaid. A ‘traditional’ bar cart style will use warm holiday colors and metallics, as well as symmetrical lines.

Traditional Holiday Bar Cart Vertical Image (Photo via Southern Living)

Recreate The Traditional Look

4. Bohemian Bar Cart Styling

Never go with a hippie to a second location. But if you do, hopefully there’s a bar cart. A ‘boho’ bar cart style will have bright, layered colors that are artistically accessorized.

Bohemian Holiday Bar Cart (Photo via Amanda Louise Interiors)

Recreate The Bohemian Look

5. Glam Bar Cart Styling

An ode to the O.G. bar cart of the 1930s, a ‘glam’ bar cart style (or ‘Hollywood Regency’ style) will make you feel like you are celebrating the season in the ‘golden age’ of hollywood - because there will be lots o’ gold, and other shiny accents.

Glam Holiday Bar Cart (Photo via HomeSense CA)

Recreate The Glam Look


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