10 Inspiring Custom Kegerators

Having a kegerator is the ultimate bragging right. Actually, scratch that. It’s just the ultimate home accessory. If you love draft beer and prefer to have more than a growler or two at home, a kegerator is the only way to go.

I plan to have one someday - likely, a converted refrigerator. But it won’t just be a plain old fridge rigged for draft dispensing. No. It will be custom. Unique. It will say something explicitly about me and my interests. It may not even be a fridge. I might convert something else.

I'm not there yet, so I still have time to dream up something special. But whatever I decide to do, these 10 pictures serve as an inspiration to me, and I think you'll be inspired by them as well.

1. Das Bier. Drinkers Wanted.


2. Chalkboard Kegerator


3. Sports-Centric

Kansas City Chiefs kegerator Can someone make a Bills or Sabres kegerator, so we can switch out this picture?

4. First Class Beer Delivery

U.S. Mailbox kegerator

5. Movie-Themed

Star Wars Darth Vader Kegerator

6. The Trash Can Kegerator

Garbage Can Kegerator

7. Car Kegerator

Volkswagen car kegerator

8. Arcade-erator

Arcade Kegerator - "Arcade-erator"

9. Patriotic Kegerator

UK Kegerator

10. TV/Culture-Inspired



If you or someone you know is interested in building a custom kegerator, visit our kegerator conversion kit page, or give us a call - 1.877.636.3673. We'd love to give you a hand turning your draft dispensing dream into a beery reality.

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