Across the country and around the world, more and more bar, restaurants, wineries, and sports and music venues are switching from bottled wine service to wine on tap systems. And their reasoning is clear: quicker service of a better product at a cost savings.

If you’re wondering if wine on tap would make sense for your business, read on about the benefits and requirements of a wine-compatible draft system.

Wine On Tap System

How Does Wine On Tap Work?

Wine on tap works in the same way as draft beer. With the pull of a tap handle, gas pressure forces the kegged liquid (in this case, wine), out of the keg valve, through food-safe plastic tubing to the faucet. From there, it dispenses into a ready glass.

Benefits Of Wine On Tap

With a bottled by-the-glass program, a certain percentage of the wine is wasted to oxidation or cork taint—two problems that kegged wine avoids. Moreover, kegged wines save producers the costs associated with commercial packaging and shipping, and some of those savings are passed on to you, the seller. In turn, you can pass some of the savings on to your customers, who will appreciate being served high-quality wine at a value price.

Assuming an average sixtel (5.16 gallons) of wine costs $250, and you sell 5-ounce pours at $8 a glass, the profit and ROI add up quickly.

Ounces Per Sixtel
# 5oz Pours
Keg Cost
Cost per Glass
661 ~132 $250 ~$1.89
Sell Price per Glass
Gross Profit
$8 $1056 $806
Wine On Tap

How To Put Wine On Tap

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