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What Your Gin and Tonic Says About You

July is Gin and Tonic Month. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. But most of all…tell your bartender. Because, let’s be real here, we all know that when those sticky July days become too much to bear, an effervescent, crisp G&T is pretty much perfect.

In fact, here in KegWorksLand we love Gin and Tonic July so much that we created a website to pay it the proper due. That’s right, at you’ll find all kinds of useful and interesting info about this classic cocktail. We’re talking recipes, history, trivia, garnish choices, a uniquely informative infographic, and a whole bunch more. The following article, “What Your Gin and Tonic Says About You” is a brief excerpt from our new site. Check it out and then head over to Gin And Tonic July for more!

The sun shines bright, orange, hot. It’s Saturday afternoon. You’re mowing the lawn or you’re at the mall buying khakis with elastic waistbands or you’re just sitting around the pool indulging in a few mid-afternoon man sodas. Whatever the case may be, you suddenly have a thought:” I need a gin and tonic.”

Yes. Best thought ever. A siren song really. A promise to yourself. A message to the best parts of your inner being telling them that you love them and you want them to be happy and you appreciate their seemingly endless reservoirs of patience. Truly, the gin and tonic is the oasis of summer. A shimmering diamond in your decidedly undiamond-like day of to-do lists and errands. This is not a want. It is need, pure and hard.

So you make a plan, set yourself a goal. You’ll dig deep and finish up the front lawn or stop at one more store where your wife has a coupon for $.35 off a box of cereal. You’re a team player and a reasonable man. But you’re not a robot. You dream of the moment you can take back your Saturday by putting a comfortable seat beneath your ass and a cool, refreshing cocktail classic in your hand.

You persevere and the moment arrives. Gin, tonic, lime, ice. Sounds simple enough, right? But in those four words lie a staggering multitude of taste possibilities. The G&T is a democratic drink. It doesn’t force itself on you. It doesn’t make you come to it. Instead, it comes to you and offers itself up to your flavor fancies. Each of those four things (gin, tonic, lime, and ice) has its own distinct variables. The combinations and permutations ensure that you’ll find something that knocks on the door of your taste buds, says “Hello, is anyone home?” and then proceeds to break in and run gleefully rampant as you desperately search for someone to high five.

But who wants to waste time figuring out where to start? No one, that’s who. So, we at KegWorks thought we’d give you some suggestions based on nothing more than broad generalizations. Enjoy!




Just for Fun

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