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Make Your Own Soda Water!

The first time I discovered soda water I was way too young to enjoy it with booze. Being a big fan of Sparkling Soda Watersweet beverages like fruit punch and chocolate milk, I immediately concluded that it was an absolutely awful drink. I'm proud to report however, that my tastes have matured and these days I love it.

Before my KegWorks days, I drank your usual cheapie soda water right from the gun or I bought a two-liter bottle from the grocery store. I had no idea that you can make your own soda water and I certainly didn't have any idea how easy it is! The homemade stuff tastes better and it is really easy to do! I can only imagine that it must be better for you too, without all of the chemicals and preservatives that go into bottled stuff. All you need is a soda siphon and some charger cartridges.

You can also make wine spritzers, sparkling juices and more!

Click for some recipe ideas.

For classic Soda Water, here's what you do:

Fill It

  • Rinse the siphon with warm water before you start for good measure
  • Press the lever to make sure that the siphon is empty and there is no gas pressure, then unscrew the top and take out the siphon tube. Leave the plastic sleeve in the body of the siphon, as it provides air space that you need for the siphon to work!
  • Fill to the top with cold water. If the level drops a bit after you fill it, just leave it - do NOT top it off because that will reduce the air space.
  • Replace the siphon tube and screw the head firmly back on.

Charge It

  • Insert a seltzer charger cartridge into the cartridge holder with the neck of the cartridge facing the open end of the holder.
  • Lift the small-hinged cover on the head of the siphon to expose the charging thread.
  • Screw the holder on gently until a resistance is felt. Make sure that the cartridge is held in position, then screw the holder down quickly and wait until no more gas can be heard bubbling in to the water.
  • Shake the siphon vigorously for 15 seconds to dissolve the gas in the water.

Safety Note: NEVER use more than one bulb per charging, unless you're using a 2-liter size siphons that require two bulbs.

Remove the Bulb
Unscrew the bulb holder to remove the empty bulb - there should be a gentle hiss. Don't be alarmed. A loud hiss indicates that the siphon was not shaken enough to dissolve all the gas. Push the hinged cover back down.

Helpful hints

  • Use really cold water, the colder the better!
  • Put the siphon in the refrigerator after you've filled and charged.
  • Shake the siphon vigorously if it has been left standing for a few days.
  • When you pour the soda, press the lever gently to control the flow down the side of the glass. That way the sparkle lasts longer!
  • When the siphon bottle is not in use make sure to keep the screw threads and the bottle clean and dry.

Your siphon just needs an occasional rinse out. Before removing the siphon head for cleaning or refilling, make sure the siphon is empty by depressing the lever.

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