Draft Beer

Draft Beer Lines - How to Serve Great Tasting Beer All the Time

Keeping your beer lines clean makes for great tasting beer. So, it's important to keep your entire system - beer line, faucet and couplers - clean. Regular cleaning eliminates bacteria, yeast, mold and other build-up that takes away from the flavor of your favorite beers. For best results, we recommend you clean your lines after each ½ keg.

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Practice Makes Perfect - even when it comes to beer!
Cleaning your draft beer system is easy, and the more you do it, the easier it gets. Here's our cleaning recommendation using the Deluxe Beer Line Cleaning Kit:

1. Prepare

  • Shut off the CO2 tank by turning the valve clockwise.
  • Mix one quart of warm water and 1 tbsp of Beer Line Cleaner in a one-gallon bucket.
  • Fill the Plastic Jar with the mixture of water and cleaner from the bucket.

2. Soak and Scrub Parts

  • Disconnect the coupler from the keg.
  • Unscrew the hex nut on the beer line from the top of the keg coupler.
  • Using the Spanner Wrench, remove the faucet from the tower or shank. Take the faucet apart and set it in the remaining mixture in the bucket.
  • Use the cleaning brush to scrub the faucet and its parts.
  • Rinse the faucet with cool water and reassemble it.

3. Flush Out Lines

  • Connect the Pump Assembly from the Plastic Jar to the faucet shank coupling nut with the Rubber Washer in between.
  • Tighten slightly with the Spanner Wrench and place the end of the beer line in the bucket.
  • Pump the solution through the beer line to clean

4. Final Wash

  • Now, using the Cleaning Brush, clean out all of the faucet parts that have been sitting in the Beer Line Cleaning solution. Rinse all parts under cool, fresh water and then reassemble.
  • Disconnect the Plastic Jar and rinse it with cool, fresh water.
  • Fill the Plastic Jar with fresh water and reconnect it to the faucet shank coupling nut.
  • With the end of the beer line in the bucket, pump fresh water through the beer line.

5. Reassemble

  • Disconnect the Plastic Jar, replace the assembled faucet, and tighten the coupling nut with the Spanner Wrench.
  • Attach the beer line and tap your keg!

Our Recommendation & Top Seller:  Beer Line Cleaning Kits
KegWorks makes it easy to keep your lines clean! We have pre-assembled packages that make maintaining your beer system easy. These kits come with cleaning agents made especially for cleaning your beer lines, and all the tools you will need for the perfect cleaning.

Our Cleaning Kits Include Everything You Need to Clean!

Beer Line Cleaner Beer Line Cleaner
Special chemicals are made to dissolve bacteria, yeast and mold.
Cleaning Brush Cleaning Brush
Perfect for scrubbing the tight spaces in your beer delivery system.
Plastic Jar with Pump Assembly Plastic Jar with Pump Assembly
Helps you to pump cleaning solution through your lines.
Spanner Wrench Spanner Wrench
To help you take apart your system for cleaning.
Washer A Washer
Seals the area between your coupler and allows solution to run clean.

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