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The Dandy Shandy: A Brilliant Beer Cocktail for Winter's Stout

The first accumulative snow has hit Buffalo, which has my winter cocktail wheels spinning in the slush once again. For today's treat, I turn to my favorite standby brew, Guinness (really? me?), to create yet another stellar stout concoction, the Dandy Shandy.

This classic beer cocktail can actually be made with any stout or porter of your choice, but I recommend Guinness, whose nitrogen/carbon dioxide mixed air won't over carbonate your drink, once combined with the ginger ale.

Dandy Shandy
8 oz Guinness, or your choice of stout or porter
8 oz Premium ginger ale or ginger beer

Fill a pint glass halfway with Guinness or the stout of your choice. Carefully pour your cold ginger ale or ginger beer on top, being careful not to let the now-extra-foamy head spill over. Enjoy and repeat!

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