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Brew Your Own: All Grain Barleywine Recipe

Our Facebook friend Christopher Davis recently posted on our wall, inquiring about a good American barleywine recipe. We're offering up this suggestion (for Christopher and all of our other homebrewing friends) with this caveat: please keep in mind that it's a bare bones recipe - the directions are generalized to encourage brewers to have some fun with it.

If anyone else has a recipe they'd like to share, we'd love to see it.

Here's that recipe:

10# 2 Row (American)
4# Munich
2.5# American Flaked Rye
1.5# Lyle's Golden Syrup OR Light Candi or for a real Americana, use 1.75# of Maple Syrup (real)
1# Crystal (low Lovibond)

1. Mash all but the syrup at 148°F for 60

2. Boil for 60, adding the syrup in the last 15 of boil

3. 2 oz of 13 AA Chinook at 0 min

4. 1.5 oz of Galena 9AA at 40 min

5. 1 oz of Galena at end of boil

Note: Depending on your lupilin tastes, you can feel free to dry hop this

Note #2: Any American Ale yeast will do, however at least a 1L starter is recommended for this large of a malt bill (2L would be better.) You may want to consider one of the new WYEAST "store brand" yeasts recently released. There is at least one that is hop-forward in flavor profile.

If you give it a try, let us know how it goes. Cheers!

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