Draft Beer

A Guide to Pairing Sour Beer and Food

Oftentimes for me, there's nothing more thirst quenching than a mouth-puckering beer in the summertime. Perhaps it goes back to the lemonade stands of my childhood or wheelchair rides with Daddy to the candy store for a box of Lemonheads. Whatever it is, it's ingrained in me and has been for some time.

Brews like Gueuzes, Flemish Browns/Reds, unblended Lambics and the like oftentimes have a vinegar-esque aroma and an amazing tartness that can really overpower foods if you don't choose well. If you take anything from this post when pairing a sour beer with food, make sure you choose dishes and flavors that can hold their own.

Some of the foods and dishes I personally recommend to pair with sour beers are:

  • Tangy, stinky cheeses like bleu and goat cheese, especially with fresh fruit
  • Mussels and other seafoods with a squirt of fresh lemon and/or drawn butter
  • Omelets and other egg dishes with creamy sauces or vibrant cheeses
  • Cured pork and other salty meats

If you have other food pairing suggestions for sour beers, I'm all ears! Please pass them along in the comments section.


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