Commercial Draft Systems

Commercial Draft Systems

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What Kind of Draft Beer System Do I Need?

To determine the right system, we ask three simple questions:

  1. How many beers on tap?
  2. How far from the kegs/cooler to the bar?
  3. Are you pouring Guinness or another beer dispensed with nitrogen?

Based on the answers to the questions above, our experts will recommend one of three commercial draft beer systems:

Direct Draw

Kegs are in a refrigerated keg box under the counter or bar.

Short Draw

Kegs are somewhere within 25 feet of your taps and towers, and the system is air cooled.

Long Draw

Kegs are in a cooler up to 450 feet from where you’re dispensing, and the system is glycol cooled.

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Project Management

Project Management

Taking into account your unique space constraints, we’ll work with you to select the proper equipment and customize a setup that serves your specific needs.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

We’ve been in the draft beer business over 15 years, and we’ve seen everything. No matter your specs, we’ll find a way to make it work.

Product Agility

Product Agility

We work with all of the major product manufacturers, allowing us to offer the best plan for your bar and your budget.

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