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How To Stock Your Bloody Mary Bar For Maximum Deliciousness



It’s Sunday, 8:30 AM, and your alarm is being a real son of a bitch. You lay still for a moment, unable to will your body into an upright position of wakefulness. Then, it hits is not a work day. Your alarm isn’t summoning you to eight hours of cubicle-bound misery. No, today is a Brunch Day!

You spring out of bed, hammer down the alarm, and get moving. There isn’t a second to be wasted. A quick shower, a cursory brushing of your chompers, pull a shirt over your head and some jeans over your butt, and’re out the door.

Now, let’s be honest for a second here. Sure, you’re excited, but damn, it’s early. Luckily, you’re a pro bruncher, and pro brunchers know that a true display of committed day drinking is a marathon, not a sprint. As such, you’ve prepared accordingly by packing up the arsenal needed for three of the most beautiful words imaginable:

Bloody Mary bar.

Oh yeah. That’s the ticket. Isn’t your mouth watering just thinking about it? Pretty much nothing hits the spot like a cold glass of spicy, tomatoey goodness that is a perfectly mixed Bloody Mary. Here’s what we recommend to stock up your unbeatable Bloody bar for the world's best brunch:


1. Solid Bloody Mary Mix


I guess this is probably obvious. As your Bloody Mary mix goes, so goes your Bloody Mary. Don’t cheap out and get some sort of generic swill from the convenience store. At KegWorks, we offer a wide variety of different outrageously flavorful mixes. From All-American classics like Zing Zang to spicy bombshells like Powell & Mahoney Sriracha to truly unique sensations like Ubon’s BBQ Bloody Mary Mix (not to mention a whole line of premium flavors from Demitri’s), we’re sure you’ll find something to play nicely with your vodka. Speaking of which…

2. Decent Vodka

No need to go crazy here. You’re not drinking it straight so Grey Goose or Belvedere is probably a little over the top. But, by all means, spring for something in the Absolut/Smirnoff neck of the woods and go about your business.

3. Unique Fixings


Yeah, celery is classic. But this is where you’re limited by nothing but your imagination, and you, dear Bloody Mary pro, have a fine imagination, don’t you? Salty things work well, so this opens up a whole universe of cured meats (like our Benny’s Beef Straws). Cheese sticks? Sure! A chicken wing? Pickles? Olives? Pickled green beans? Bacon? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and oh hell yes! Really, we weren’t kidding. If you can dream it up (and fit it in the glass), it’s probably fair game in a Bloody Mary.

4. Heat Changers

Some people like to live life on the wild side. Others, the mild side. Let everyone choose their own adventure by providing a variety of hot sauces, horseradishes, jalapeños, and other capsaicin-containing comestibles.

5. Cups, Ice, Straws, Shaker(s)

Obvious, but no less important. All the essentials to get down to the business of slurping up some Bloody goodness.


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