Draft Beer

Instructions for Picnic Pumps

1) The keg should ALWAYS be kept cold. Keep your keg refrigerated or ice down at least ¾ of the way up the keg. If not, you’ll have warm and foamy beer. Keep the keg and tap out of direct sunlight.

2) The keg must settle for an hour or two after you ice it down. Do not tap the keg until after it has settled. If you tap it right after getting it home you may get excessive foam.

3) After the keg has settled, go ahead and tap it. Line up the two notches on the keg with the two indentations on the bottom of the tap. Rotate the tap one quarter turn clockwise to tap it. Then, depending upon what style of tap you have, pull the lever handle out and push down to locked position. If you have a wing style tap, just turn the wing handle clockwise a quarter of a turn.

4) DO NOT PUMP THE TAP RIGHT AWAY! There is plenty of carbonation in the keg to get it started. Open the faucet to start the flow of beer. Only pump the tap when the beer flow begins to slow down. Don’t over pump - this will cause foam. Open the faucet quickly and all the way. You may find at first the flow to be faster than desired, this is normal due to the CO2 pressure in the keg.

5) Keep in mind that you are pumping oxygen into the keg. Oxygen is bad for beer and will cause it to go flat in a day or so. If you have some beer left over and want to use it the next day, take the tap off the keg and keep the keg iced down. It may lose some of its freshness the next day but still may be ok to drink.

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Keg Specs:

Keg Size
10 oz servings
12 oz servings
¼ keg
7.75 gal
approx 115
approx 100
½ keg
15.5 gal
approx 230
approx 200

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