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Great Divide Brewing Co. Rumble: An Oak Aged IPA

I am no stranger to brews aged in oak barrels, but my experience with them up to this point has been mostly with stouts and porters. When I popped by my local beer and bourbon boutique (they have more than that but those are usually what's on my shopping list) I came upon Great Divide Rumble IPA, an oak aged India Pale Ale. This was a new offering from Great Divide that I hadn't yet run into, so I gladly picked up a sixer for some research.


Every beer I've ever had from Great Divide Brewing Co. was a beer I thoroughly enjoyed, especially their Titan IPA. This oak aged India Pale Ale is no exception.

Appearance: Copper gold and completely transparent with two fingers of fluffy head. Even though the height of the head disappears rather quickly, a steady film remains long after it's poured.

Aroma: Caramel sweetness is the first noticeable scent, followed by a nice citrusy hop aroma and a bit of ... pineapple? Yep. That's pineapple there in the nose. Interesting!

Taste: Heavy in the piney and citrusy hops, yet balanced, just like a good American IPA should be. There is a hint of that caramel sweetness I noticed in the nose, presumably from the aging. Nice desiccation in the back of my throat after each sip, along with a good dose of spiciness.

Mouthfeel: One of the smoother IPAs I've had, which I expected from the aging process. Rumble is medium-bodied with a fair amount of carbonation. I like that it's not over-carbonated—each sip is smoother than the last as it warms up a bit—but honestly, there is more carbonation than I expected, being aged and all (not that that's a bad thing).

Overall: The alcohol is really well hidden here for a 7.1% ABV beer, making it a great session beer (at least in my opinion). This is an IPA I can see myself picking up again.

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